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Project Name // TRAPPED

Course // Type Experiment

Semester // Spring 2018

Instructor // Wiolete Kaminska



The word that I chose is trapped like a feeling of being caught in a
trap. I started by exploring the type form in a  manual way such as playing with type in water or soap. Next, I created an environment from what I saw in the poem. I brought the type into an environment 
and photographed it. I used black and white images to convey a feeling of sadness.

The goal of this project is to design a poster series using a poem from a different language. Start by observing the structure of the poem and a letter form. Think about the feeling and meaning of the poem in it’s own language without understanding the words. Then do the same with
a translation of the poem, and chose one word to create a poster series.

STEP ONE: Draw it out.

STEP TWO: Build it up.

STEP THREE: Photograph it.

STEP Four: Choosing a word from a translation

           and take a photo.